iCSE Symposium

June 14, 2021

On May 12, 2021, Columbia organized a Virtual Research Day to highlight some of the over 60 faculty who work in the interdisciplinary field of Computational Science & Engineering at the School of Engineering.

This event represented the launch of a new initiative at the School to spur collaboration and future innovation in various industries, including manufacturing, health care, energy, automotive, chemicals, finance, aerospace, and many more.

A major research focus is to develop new methods and algorithms for solving computationally challenging and previously intractable problems in science and engineering using the latest advances in computing power, data science, machine learning, and cloud computing. No problem is too small or too big. Projects range from atomic-scale simulations to kilometer-scale civil engineering operations. The 14 short talks listed below represent the diversity and scale of our expertise.

If you would like to learn more about our initiative and ways to collaborate and engage our engineers and scientists, please reach out to Professor Jacob Fish (e: [email protected]), who is leading this effort, or Eric Vieira (e: [email protected]), the Director of Strategic Collaborations at Columbia Engineering.


  • Virtual Research Day: Frontiers in Computational Science and Engineering Research and Software

    initiative for Computational Science and Engineering (iCSE)
    Columbia University
    Download PPT here

  • Simulation of Performance and Degradation of Battery Electrodes

    Alan C. West
    Samuel Ruben–peter G. Viele Professor Of Electrochemistry; Professor Of Chemical Engineering And Of Earth And Environmental Engineering
    Download PDF here

  • Al Applications in Finance

    Ali Hirsa
    Professor Of Professional Practice; Co-director Of Financial Engineering
    Download PDF here

  • FEBio: An Open-Source Multiphysics Finite Element Software for Biomechanics and Biophysics

    Gerard Ateshian
    Andrew Walz Professor Of Mechanical Engineering And Professor Of Biomedical Engineering
    Download PDF here

  • Hybrid Physics-Data Driven Wall-Layer Models for Turbulence

    Marco Giometto
    Assistant Professor Of Civil Engineering And Engineering Mechanics
    Download PDF here

  • Algorithms For Informative And Intelligent Scientific Computing

    Qiang Du
    Fu Foundation Professor Of Applied Mathematics; Affiliated Faculty Of Data Science Institute
    Download PDF here

  • The Power Of Machine Learning In Materials Discovery

    Sanat Kumar
    Bykhovsky Professor Of Chemical Engineering
    Download PDF here

  • Quantum Espresso: A Modular And Open-source Software Project For Quantum Simulations Of Materials (Tentative)

    Renata Wentzcovitch
    Professor Of Materials Science And Engineering, And Earth And Environmental Science
    Download PDF here

  • Challenges In Meeting Latency Targets Of A Computationally Demanding Smart City Application

    Zoran Kostic
    Professor Of Professional Practice In The Department Of Electrical Engineering
    Download PDF here

  • Microstructural-informed Plasticity With Reinforcement Learning Guided Data Exploration

    WaiChing Sun
    Associate Professor Of Civil Engineering And Engineering Mechanics
    Download PDF here

  • Towards The Autonomation Of Experiments: Quasi-real Time Analysis Of Heterogeneous Streaming Data From Scientific Experiments

    Simon Billinge
    Professor Of Materials Science And Engineering And Of Applied Physics And Applied Mathematics
    Download PDF here

  • Computational Approaches to Coastal Flooding with Climate Change Impacts

    Kyle Mandli
    Associate Professor Of Applied Physics And Applied Mathematics
    Download PDF here

  • Cyberinfrastructure For Patient-specific Modeling Of Cardiovascular Disease

    Vijay Vedula
    Assistant Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
    Download PDF here

  • Topology Optimization of Structures for Brittle/Ductile Fracture Resistance

    Haim Waisman
    Associate Professor of Civil Engineering And Engineering Mechanics
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