In addition to serving as an engine of translational research and education in computational science and engineering, iCSE will administer a Members and Affiliates Program (MAP) that will actively engage partners across a broad spectrum of CSE areas. Our goal is two-way sharing of information and resources for mutual development. The basic benefits of membership are:

  1. Recruiting for summer jobs, internships and full-time positions. We will also schedule on-site interview dates for our affiliates, which includes providing conference room space, announcing the dates electronically and in appropriate classes, collecting resumes, scheduling technical talks, and providing space for informational meetings or receptions.
  2. Access to faculty and research results. CSE faculty will be available to affiliates to discuss research, students, curricula and other related topics. Faculty will also be available to visit affiliate sites to make research presentations.
  3. Access to research reports which have not yet been published in the open literature. Periodically, CSE will hold one- to two-day seminars to review current research. Invitations to these seminars will only be provided to members and affiliates. 
  4. Access to open-source software for internal use and an opportunity (fee-based) to commercialize technologies.

Membership Levels

The iCSE MAP has developed three membership levels to provide different levels of engagement. In order to foster ambitious, collaborative projects with stable funding and sustained productivity, we encourage companies to become members for a period of at least three years.

The proposed annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Charter Members: $250,000
  • Members: $125,000
  • Affiliates: $25,000

The membership benefits are summarized in the table below.