The Third Pillar

Alongside theory and experimentation, the “third pillar” of discovery science is computation. At the heart of computational science and engineering (CSE) is the development of innovative approaches of modeling and simulation, often coupled with high-performance computing capabilities, to solve complex physical problems of nature and those confronted in engineered systems. The goal is to leverage the ever-expanding power of computation to shorten the discovery pipeline by eliminating laborious, time-intensive, and sometimes costly trial-and-error experiments. The field of CSE is inherently interdisciplinary since the broad goal of a computational scientist or engineer is to model the physical world using a computer.

Encouraging Interdisciplinary Research

The Initiative for Computational Science and Engineering (iCSE) is an effort to encourage and support interdisciplinary research in computational science and engineering at SEAS, bringing together Columbia faculty and professionals to foster an environment of discovery, innovation and technology development. The iCSE will organize events, sponsor research projects, and enhance the educational opportunities for students and working professionals in order to broaden our understanding of the natural world and the advanced systems propelling us forward to new frontiers of applied science and engineering.

Poster showcasing the iCSE Graduate Program


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June 14, 2021

iCSE Symposium

On May 12, 2021, Columbia organized a Virtual Research Day to highlight some of the over 60 faculty who work in the interdisciplinary field of Computational Science & Engineering at the School of Engineering.

This event represented the launch of a new initiative at the School to spur collaboration and future innovation in various industries, including manufacturing, health care, energy, automotive, chemicals, finance, aerospace, and many more.