Video Library

See below for research talks from iCSE faculty. 

Zoran Kostic (EE): Challenges in meeting latency targets of a computationally demanding smart city application
Kyle Mandli (APAM): Computational Approaches to Coastal Flooding with Climate Change Impacts
Waiching Sun (CEEM): Microstructural-informed plasticity with reinforcement learning guided data exploration
Haim Waisman (CEEM): Topology Optimization of Structures for Brittle/Ductile Fracture Resistance
Vijay Vedula (ME): Cyberinfrastructure for patient-specific modeling of cardiovascular disease
Simon Billinge (APAM): Towards the autonomation of experiments: quasi-real time analysis of heterogeneous streaming data from scientific experiments
Gerard Ateshian (ME): FEBio: An Open-Source Multiphysics Finite Element Software for Biomechanics and Biophysics
Renata Wentzcovitch (APAM): Ab initio materials properties at extreme conditions
Sanat Kumar (CHEM): Sustainability through materials design
Jacob Fish (CEEM): Computational Continua revised