Specific components of iCSE to enhance visibility, momentum, interdisciplinary coordination, and develop a strong sense of community include:

  • iCSE website (news, a record of achievements, colloquium and seminar schedule, personnel directory, and a survey of active research areas)
  • iCSE distinguished colloquium; invited speakers will be able to meet iCSE faculty across at least two departments;  2-3 speakers per semester, nominated by any iCSE faculty and selected by an interdisciplinary committee
  • iCSE grand challenge symposium; annual one-day symposium focusing on a different grand challenge problem each year
  • social gathering once per semester
  • coordination and support for funding opportunities involving 2+ iCSE faculty (special incentives for cross-departmental groups)
  • coordination and incentives for joint postdoc positions (co-supervised by two iCSE faculty from different departments, for new collaborations)
  • working groups on interdisciplinary challenge problems as they emerge, e.g.:
    • computational health
    • computational climate
    • computational design, uncertainty, and decision-making
    • computational biology
    • computational materials